Phone consultation

Deciding what is right for your organization can begin with a call to one of our professional staff who can guide you in finding the right resources for you or determining training needs for your staff.


Onsite consultation

Our professional staff will meet with you and your leadership to strategize and coordinate a training that meets the unique individual needs of your organization.


Train the Trainer Plan

This process allows for agencies, organizations, or individuals to become recognized SBIRT trainers through the RI SBIRT resource center. This plan is great for agencies or organizations who would like to have the option to continue the SBIRT training process internally within their practice. If you or someone in your organization is interested in becoming a recognized trainer contact:



RI SBIRT will offer SBIRT trainings open to the public for individuals seeking to be trained to enhance their clinical skillset. To find out when our next public training is offered view our training calendar, here.



RI SBIRT offers trainings to organizations of all sizes, from large hospitals to small local practices. All our trainings are free, and can be individualized to meet your organizations specific needs. To schedule a training contact us today.


Simulation Room

RI SBIRT simulation lab is located at the Rhode Island College School of Social work. Here professionals can practice their SBIRT skills with medical actors who will simulate real-life complex cases to enhance clinical skills and continue educational development. All simulations will be video recorded and participants will be able to process their simulation sessions with our SBIRT resource center staff. To schedule a simulation session, click here.


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